Editing Highlights, Early Fall

I have been busy editing trade books, academic journals, and educational materials as of late. One of the most fun parts of being an editor is learning about different subjects. Lately, I’ve read about Charles Mingus’s music in commercial ventures, veganism as it pertains to being a religion, and altruism and science.

In addition to editing these interesting publications, I have been using a few new copyediting tools. I finally subscribed to the Chicago Manual of Style Online, which is making it much easier to look up editorial questions. For projects that require APA Style, I have been finding the APA website very handy. While I have always worked in publishing during the Internet age, these wonderful resources were not up and running when I began my career more than a decade ago. And, while discussing online resources, I have to praise Grammar Girl. Mignon Fogarty is my favorite kind of editor (precise yet flexible!).


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