Show Your Best Self

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When preparing for a big presentation, you want to make sure you look your best. Shoes polished, suit dry cleaned, accessories chosen carefully. You spend hours reviewing your notes on index cards, practicing in the shower, in the car, and in front of the mirror. You’ve got this!

Your presentation time finally arrives, and you open your PowerPoint file and hand out a thirty-page report documenting your subject matter in more detail. Five minutes into your presentation, you look at your PowerPoint and realize that there are several grammatical errors on the screen. During the question-and-answer session following your presentation, you refer to a page in your report and see a few glaring typos. Despite nailing the presentation with your rehearsed delivery and impeccable dress, the glaring mistakes in your presentation and report send you on a downward spiral. Thinking to yourself, “I must have read that 100 times!” you shake your head as you find your way to the car, hoping that your audience didn’t notice your less-than-polished presentation materials.

To avoid feeling this way at such a pivotal juncture, consider hiring an experienced editor to review your work before a big day. No matter the subject matter, someone with a trained editorial eye will see the misplaced apostrophes, capital letters, and commas. And editors are trained for catching more than just typos. They will make sure that your lists are parallel, that your sentences are clear, and that your hyphens are in the right spot. They will break your text into more appropriately sized paragraphs, provide ideas for organization, and give you tips on how to succinctly introduce and summarize your content. For just a nominal cost, you can make sure your writing stands out just like you do. 

Just as you wouldn’t stand in front of a group of people in old jeans and Converse sneakers, you wouldn’t want to hand out a postcard that confuses “Your” with “You’re.”

Let me be your high-heeled shoes. Let me be your lucky tie. Make sure your written materials are as perfect as your appearance and rehearsed presentation. Let’s get started!


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