Partnering With Caitlin Merto Designs


Last week I mentioned a new partnership with an amazing graphic designer. For the last few months, I have collaborated with Caitlin Merto, the creative force behind Caitlin Merto Designs. Caitlin helps entrepreneurs — specifically female entrepreneurs — brand their small businesses with stunning graphics, smart web design, and helpful business tips. I am honored to work with Caitlin and her clients to create and edit dynamic copy for their brands.

Caitlin’s weekly newsletters share great tips for small business owners, so consider signing up to receive them. An insightful, driven, and talented entrepreneur herself, Caitlin has so much knowledge to share about branding and doing what you love. We are both in the process of building our own businesses and are learning so much from each other as we collaborate.

C-4Partnering with such a focused entrepreneur provides me with the opportunity to utilize my writing and editing skills for individuals and small businesses. I love the nuts and bolts of publishing in all media forms, so it’s a dream to have projects that include books, journals, websites, and more. My current workload includes all of these formats, so I am feeling great about taking on the challenge of owning a small business.

If you are interested in taking your website or other marketing materials to the next level, consider consulting with Caitlin on crafting your brand. You won’t be disappointed!

(Thanks to Leave It to Me Photography for Caitlin’s beautiful headshot!)


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