Client Profile: Ashvini Mashru

Steps to Slim_frontI am thrilled to share that a recent proofreading project is now a printed book!

In July, Ashvini Mashru reached out to me to proofread her forthcoming book, Small Steps to Slim: A Simple, “No Diet” Lifestyle System for Busy Moms. As a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, and mom, Ashvini wanted to share how incremental life changes can have a meaningful impact on your health and wellness. Her book includes recommendations for committing to small goals and ways to achieve them.

My work entails reading a range of subject matter, and it was a pleasure to read a book intended for my demographic. I am a busy mom who often neglects my own needs. Reading Ashvini’s book helped me reframe my mindset. In the days and weeks after I completed this project, I kept going back to her ideas and philosophy. I hope others find her message resonates with them, too.

If you plan to publish your own book in the near future, consider my services for editing and proofreading. I worked for an independent book publisher for nearly a decade and continue to copyedit and proofread publications. A copyeditor and proofreader will ensure your content is polished, consistent, and clear.


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