I have worked in publishing, editing written works, coordinating publishing projects, and managing websites for more than fifteen years. I love to write and edit and truly enjoy the projects I receive from publishers, businesses, and individuals. It’s wonderful to be able to serve a variety of clients and develop relationships with each of them.

My desire to be involved in publishing began at an early age. I served as editor of my fifth grade yearbook, editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper, managing editor of my college newspaper, and then managing editor at Templeton Press. At Templeton Press, I created book contracts, wrote grants, attended international rights fairs and academic conferences, and managed rights and permissions in addition to working on more than 90 books and several websites.

I received a bachelor of arts in English and expository writing from Ithaca College, where I discovered how much I love reading Jane Austen and writing literary essays. I have maintained a personal blog since 2008, and you can read excerpts from it here.

Beyond my work in publishing, I completed a master’s degree in public administration at Villanova University in 2009, where I took courses on strategic planning, organizational communication, budgeting, and decision making. This degree provided me with exposure to the needs of nonprofit organizations and businesses.

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my husband and two children. My hobbies include reading, crafting, traveling, and watching sports.


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