My Work

Select Projects

Educational Content

  • Wolters Kluwer (copyediting, permissions, and other research)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (permissions)
  • Doctoral dissertations (copyediting)

Web Content

  • Healthline—articles focused on personal health and medical conditions (writing)
  • Demand Media—articles for eHow, Modern Mom, LiveStrong, among others (copyediting and content review)
  • Individual clients—web content and other written materials (ghost blogging, writing, and editing/proofreading)

Marketing Content

  • Nye Consulting Group

Academic Journals

  • Bulletin for the Council for Research in Music Education, 2014–present (copyediting)
  • Jazz and Culture, 2018–present (copyediting)
  • Journal of Animal Ethics, 2014–present (copyediting)
  • Ethnomusicology, 2022–present (copyediting)
  • Process Studies, 2017–present (copyediting)
  • Black Music Research Journal, Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016 (copyediting)
  • Journal of Mormon History, Vol. 42, Issue 3; Vol. 42, Issue 4; Vol. 43, Issue 1; Vol. 43, Issue 2; Vol. 43, Issue 3; Vol. 43, Issue 4; Vol. 44, Issue 1 (copyediting)
  • The Polish Review, Spring 2016 (copyediting)
  • Polish American Studies, Spring 2016 (copyediting)


Writing and editing



Project management

Here is a sampling of book projects published when I served as managing editor at Templeton Press:




A pop culture blog that focuses on the virtues and vice in pop culture. I served as this site’s project manager, overseeing the backend of the site, posting new articles — including finding photos, writing headlines, tagging, categorizing, and copyediting. The site, initially intended to be just an aggregator site, blossomed into a much larger site in just a short period of time, posting original content at least twice a day.


The Templeton Touch (formerly What Would John Templeton Say?)

Created in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, I posted daily blogs that connected elements of the crisis to the philosophy of value-investor Sir John Templeton.


Served as managing editor, opinion editor, chief proofreader, and a copyeditor of the Ithacan, a weekly newspaper, which received the Pacemaker Award for Excellence in Student Journalism during my tenure on the editorial board.


Wrote, compiled, and reviewed content for issues of Boise Journal, Idaho Homes and Gardens, and Art Idaho magazines as well as the Southwest Idaho Travel Association annual guide.


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