How Can I Help?

I am passionate about the publishing industry and thrive on the nuts and bolts required to finish a project in a timely fashion. I will accommodate your schedule, returning your projects in a punctual and professional manner. My rates are reasonable, and I can give you an estimate before we begin our work. I am responsive to projects changing scope and am always willing to go the extra mile.

Let me help you with your publishing project. I can ease your mind when it comes to your writing and editing needs.


No matter the project, I can tackle your task at hand. I have experience writing, editing, copyediting, proofreading, and doing general editorial work with a variety of publishers, from large corporations to small publishing houses. My experience includes work in books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and websites, and I am proficient in Chicago, AP, APA, and MLA styles. For a running list of my freelance work, visit the My Work page.


Whether you are seeking a writer for your life story, an editor for your academic paper, or a proofreader to give a document a once-over, I can assist you. I have written and edited self-published books, copyedited dissertations, and prepared proposals and resumes. Let’s collaborate and make your work soar.

Do you want to write a life story? See my tips here.


Are you a business owner or communications manager looking for someone to help punch up your copy? Do you struggle to put fingers to keys or review what you’ve written to check for typos? Consider hiring me to write or edit your business materials.

Whether you need someone to bring a trained eye to material that you’ve already written or someone to turn your thoughts into web copy or blog posts, I can help you. I listen to the needs of my clients and tailor my editorial approach accordingly. If you are looking for technical writing, I will deliver succinct prose. If you want to share your unique perspective, I will hone in on your voice and deliver materials that reflect your personality. If you need help writing an ebook, I will help you organize your thoughts.


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